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€ 2850

Dynaudio Focus 400 XD -wireless & active-

The Focus 400 XD combines the best of two worlds: The elegance of a relatively compact floor-standing loudspeaker with the astonishing sonic performance of 450 watts of completely optimized amplification. The Focus XD series only needs a source, either analog or digital, to deliver high quality music playback. The Focus […]


€ 490

Goldenear Forcefield 4 -demo unit-

The ForceField 4 is an active subwoofer from Goldenear. It incorporates the same 1200-watt digital amplifier developed for the Triton Two loudspeaker. It drives a front-mounted high-powerultra-long-throw 10” sub-bass driver coupled to a downward-firing 11”x13.9” quadratic planar infrasonic radiator. This subwoofer has been supplied by the official Dutch distributor and […]