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Avalon Opus -SOLD-

Excellent loudspeaker from the generation Avalons that succeeded the classic range. Praised for it’s musicality and holographic imaging. Cherry finish, including original Apex cones and wooden shipping crate. Newprice (Europe): 22.600 euro (pricelist available), now for SOLD euro.


€ 6500

Avalon Indra -SOLD-

The Avalon Indra, although considerably smaller compared to the larger Avalons, still has almost all of the characteristics for which the larger Avalons became famous, such as their musicality and holographic imaging. Excellent build quality and finish. They are also able to perform very well in smaller rooms. In a […]


€ 1250

Audio Physic Classic 20

The Classic 20 are compact floorstanding loudspeakers with excellent qualities, which still are elegant looking because of the use of the woofer placed on the side. They come with the original manual, certificate of authenticity, spikes and grilles. Now available for 1.250 euro.


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€ 990


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€ 7900

Raidho XT-2 -demo units-

The Raidho XT-2 is a floorstanding loudspeaker from this Danish manufacturer. The XT-2 model from the ‘XT’ series is a tall and elegant looking loudspeaker with a ribbon tweeter and 2 titanium mid/woofer drivers. This Raidho XT-2 has been only used for demo purposes. Therefore it has never been sold […]


€ 2750

Raidho X-1 -demo units- -SOLD-

The Raidho X-1 is a great monitor loudspeaker from this Danish manufacturer. It has received raving reviews worldwide. The X-1 model from the ‘X’ series is an elegant looking loudspeaker with a ribbon tweeter and a ceramic midrange unit. We have the X-1 available in black with naturally the matching […]


€ 3650

Dynaudio C2

Excellent floorstanding reference loudspeakers from the very successful Dynaudio Confidence range. With the renowed Dynaudio units and finished to a very high standard. Very musical and easy on amplifiers. Newprice: 11.250 euro, now available for 3.650 euro.