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€ 4500

Adam Tensor Gamma -SOLD-

These German designed and built floor standing loudspeakers are very dynamic and involving in sound. The Tensor Gamma is a hybrid ribbon/dynamic system. The sand filled, 54kg (119 lbs) cabinets are gorgeously crafted and finished in high gloss, piano black lacquer. This is the full active version with midrange and […]


€ 1990

Avalon Arcus

One of the most successful loudspeakers from Avalon. Praised for its musicality and holographic imaging. This is no speaker that makes a spectacular first impression, but it grows on you after listening longer. Finished in beautiful “cherry” finish and in full original condition . These loudspeakers have been supplied by […]


€ 8990

B&W 800 Diamond D2 -SOLD-

Reference model of B&W’s Diamond D2 range. They have received many raving reviews worldwide. Very dynamic and it reproduces human voices in a very special way. High gloss black finish. This pair has been supplied by the German B&W distributor and comes with 6 years transferable guarantee. Including original boxes […]


€ 6500

Wilson Watt Puppy 7 -SOLD-

Wilson Watt Puppy 7 in the special “Almandine Black” finish. These speakers have been rated class A by Stereophile. The Watt Puppy 7 is by many audiophiles rated higher than the later versions (which due to European guidelines had to use different solder techniques). The Watt Puppies have a high […]


€ 1600


€ 10950

Genesis 5.3

The origins of this Genesis 5.3, which still is part of the present Genesis line-up, go back to the masterpieces of Arnie Nudell, famous for his Infinity and Genesis creations. The concept has been further developed to perfection by Genesis and this great loudspeakersystem can be tailored for most rooms […]