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€ 9900

Avalon Eidolon Diamond -SOLD-

Avalon Eidolon Diamond, the “ultimate” version of the Eidolon with the very expensive Diamond tweeter. The Eidolon Diamond produces a realistic and holographic musical image and does with an exceptional ease that can only be expected by a very large system. These loudspeakers are not extremely difficult to drive, even […]


€ 7900

Raidho XT-2 -demo units-

The Raidho XT-2 is a floorstanding loudspeaker from this Danish manufacturer. The XT-2 model from the ‘XT’ series is a tall and elegant looking loudspeaker with a ribbon tweeter and 2 titanium mid/woofer drivers. This Raidho XT-2 has been only used for demo purposes. Therefore it has never been sold […]


€ 2750


€ 4890

B&W 802D

One of the reference loudspeakers from B&W’s D range, therefore with the diamond tweeter. They have received many raving reviews worldwide. Very dynamic and they reproduce the human voice in a very special way. Including boxes, jumpers, transport bolts and manual. Price: 4.890 euro.


€ 8750

B&W 800 Diamond D2

Reference model of B&W’s Diamond D2 range. They have received many raving reviews worldwide. Very dynamic and a very fluent midrange. High gloss black finish. This pair comes all accessoiries. Due to not having the original boxes these are only available for personal pickup in The Netherlands. Newprice: 22.000 euro, […]


€ 6900

Magico V3

The V3 from Magico was the largest model in their V-series, where they combined wood and aluminium for the cabinet. The V3 has enforced the reputation of this great brand. A search on the internet will result in a large amount of information and reviews of the V3. Including spikes […]


€ 1850

Martin Logan Vantage

Hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers from Martin Logan. Electrostatic mid-highs combined with dynamic low. Very detailed and with a big soundstage. The Vantages have naturally an auto signal sensing system enabling power-off after 1 minute without music. This enhances strongly the durability of the speakers. Furthermore they have the latest X-Stat Transducers […]


€ 4750

Wilson Watt Puppy 6 -SOLD-

Wilson Watt Puppys 6 in a beautiful “Mercedes Silver” finish. The Watt Puppy 6 takes all the excellent and praised virtues and qualities of the classic Watt Puppy 5.1 a step further. The Watt Puppy 6 has a high sensitivity and therefore also excellent in combination with (tube)amps with a […]


€ 6950


€ 3650

Dynaudio C2

Excellent floorstanding reference loudspeakers from the very successful Dynaudio Confidence range. With the renowed Dynaudio units and finished to a very high standard. Very musical and easy on amplifiers. Newprice: 11.250 euro, now available for 3.650 euro.