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€ 990

Dali Rubicon 2

Dali’s Rubicon 2 is an high-end monitor loudspeaker that offers innovative design, excellent construction and exceptional high-performance drivers. This loudspeaker was very well reviewed worldwide. Please note that the pictured stands are not part of this offering. Including original boxes. Price: 990 euro.


€ 3750

B&W 803D -SOLD-

The 803D from B&W comes with the expensive and great sounding diamond tweeter. It has received many raving reviews worldwide, sounds very dynamic and it reproduces human voices in a very special way. Including original boxes, manual and spikes. Price: 3.750 euro.


€ 250


€ 1750

REL Gibraltar G2 -SOLD-

The REL Gibraltar G2 is a recent high performance active 450W subwoofer from REL. The Gibraltar G2 is extremely well built and comes in a classy high gloss black finish. As opposite to many alternative active subwoofers with integrated digital class D amps, the Gibraltar G2 uses a “traditional” class […]


€ 6400

Manger P2 Active

The Manger P2 floorstanding loudspeaker is the top of the brand’s passive speaker offerings. Launched in 2018 the P2, of course, features the Germany maker’s unique sound transducer and an 8-inch woofer combined with two passive radiators at the rear. This loudspeaker has the Active option enabling to use the […]


€ 4500

Wilson Benesch Vector -SOLD-

The Vector is positioned just under the most expensive models in the Geometry series from this innovative UK based manufacturer. They use use exceptional high tech materials and have an outstanding musical performance. They come with the original boxes, manual and grilles. Please note that one of the grilles has […]


€ 3250

Wilson Benesch Vertex

In the Vertex the know-how of Wilson Benesch culminates in a high performing “monitor” loudspeaker which has an integrated stand. These loudspeakers in the Geometry series have been hailed by the critics as a ‘musical instrument’. This design combines the use of exceptional high tech materials with a beautiful design […]


€ 2950


€ 2700


€ 1550