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€ 8950

KEF Blade 1 -SOLD-

The Blade 1 is the top-of-the-line model in the present KEF Blade Reference series. Based on all the know-how Kef has gathered in all those years. It is the culmination of designing and building reference loudspeakers for many years. These loudspeakers come in the “Diamond Black” finish. Including optional Soundcare […]


€ 6900


Excellent loudspeakers from Ascendo, the innovative German loudspeaker manufacturer. This is the SE version indicating among others the use of Finite Ceraball elements for optimal decoupling and the base platforms. Ascendo is surely one of the manufacturers that uses the most advanced technologies for their loudspeakers. By incorporating those technologies […]


€ 12900

Avalon Eidolon Diamond -SOLD-

Avalon Eidolon Diamond, the “ultimate” version of the Eidolon with the very expensive Diamond tweeter. The Eidolon Diamond produces a realistic and holographic musical image and does with an exceptional ease that can only be expected by a very large system. These loudspeakers are not extremely difficult to drive, even […]


€ 5750

Dynaudio C4 -SOLD-

The C4 is the largest and best performing version within the successful Dynaudio Confidence range. With the famous Dynaudio units and finished to a very high standard in a beautiful cherry finish. These loudspeakers have been supplied by the official Dutch distributor. Including the original wooden shipping crates, spikes and […]


€ 10900


€ 1850


€ 2850

Dynaudio Focus 400 XD -wireless & active-

The Focus 400 XD combines the best of two worlds: The elegance of a relatively compact floor-standing loudspeaker with the astonishing sonic performance of 450 watts of completely optimized amplification. The Focus XD series only needs a source, either analog or digital, to deliver high quality music playback. The Focus […]


€ 3500

Scansonic MB5 -demo units-

The MB5 is manufactured by the same parent company that also owns Raidho. This unique slim floor stander that has been designed in Denmark uses four 4.5” carbon-coned drivers and the famous sealed ribbon tweeter. The MB5 works as a 2.5-way speaker design, where two 4.5” carbon coned midrange-woofers are […]


€ 490

Goldenear Forcefield 4 -demo unit-

The ForceField 4 is an active subwoofer from Goldenear. It incorporates the same 1200-watt digital amplifier developed for the Triton Two loudspeaker. It drives a front-mounted high-powerultra-long-throw 10” sub-bass driver coupled to a downward-firing 11”x13.9” quadratic planar infrasonic radiator. This subwoofer has been supplied by the official Dutch distributor and […]


€ 10950

Genesis 5.3

The origins of this Genesis 5.3, which still is part of the present Genesis line-up, go back to the masterpieces of Arnie Nudell, famous for his Infinity and Genesis creations. The concept has been further developed to perfection by Genesis and this great loudspeakersystem can be tailored for most rooms […]