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€ 950

Naim NS01 music server

Music server from Naim. The NS01 is a streaming device and cd player. Furthermore it has a benchmark rip facility onboard. It can be connected by ethernet or USB to an external NAS or harddisk. It is very well built. The NS01 can only be operated by using the Naim […]


€ 375

Goldenote AP-7

The Goldenote AP-7 is a compact integrated amplifier with RCA and XLR inputs. It has a power output of 2 x 30W / 8ohm. This preamp originates from the stock of a well-known Dutch dealer who, due to circumstances, had to cease operations and liquidate assets. These items have only […]


€ 2500


€ 4250

Jadis JP-80 Phono MM

Legendary JP-80 Reference tube preamplifier from Jadis with a full size external tube power supply. Beautiful build quality, mostly hard-wired with the very best components. This preamp breathes “music”. This JP-80 has an integrated phono MM stage and two RCA line outputs. Price: 4.250 euro.


€ 3250


€ 7750

Jadis DA-88S -demo unit-

This 2 x 60W Class A integrated amplifier from Jadis uses eight KT88 and is able to drive “difficult” loudspeaker loads. It has automatic bias and can accept KT88, KT90, KT120 but also 6550. This lovely amplifier is appreciated by many audiophiles all around the world and has been favorably […]


€ 3750

Genesis GR-360 -NEW/OPEN BOX-

Excellent power amplifier from Genesis in the GR-360 version with the heavier power supply. Although the amp uses digital amplifying techniques the power supply is a large classic transformator. It combines pure power with tube-like mids. This amplifier is still new and not connected yet. The power supply is still […]


€ 19900

Zanden 9600

Reference mono tube power amplifiers from Zanden, which belong the very best amps available in the marketplace. These flagship models are really again a genius strike from Mr. Yamada! Soundwise a real dream, furthermore very stable and built like a tank. These amps have been supplied by the official Dutch […]


€ 125000


The WAVAC SH-833 is probably the most expensive highend amplifier available in the market place right now. Japanese WAVAC Audio makes some of the best sounding and most beautiful audio products in the world. Wavac does never compromise on quality. We have on offer their very special SH-833 single-ended class […]


€ 990

MIT Z-Isolator HC (High Current)

The Z-Isolator HC from MIT is a power filter developed for power amplifiers. This Z-Isolator HC is an official European supplied unit, which back than was only available with US-type sockets. We have several high-quality US plugs available if needed. Including original box and manual. Price: 990 euro.