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€ 1450


€ 1750

Furman IT Reference 16Ei -power conditioner-

The IT Reference 16Ei from Californian manufacturer Furman is their top-of-the-line power conditioner. Furman has been manufacturing power conditioning products for over 40 years, although mainly for recording studio’s and broadcast environments. All their experience in these demanding environments is now brought together in the IT Reference 16Ei which is […]


€ 2250

Mark Levinson 380S

Linestage preamplifier from Mark Levinson with a very sophisticated user interface. This unit has been supplied by the official German Mark Levinson distributor and is an “factory authorized update” from a 38. This update costed 4.600 euro for the upgrade only (pricelist available). With these upgrades almost all electronic components […]


€ 1850

Mark Levinson 360S

An excellent converter from Mark Levinson. It sounds great with great focus and an excellent soundstage. This 360S has been supplied by the official German Mark Levinson distributor SUN Audio and it is an “factory authorized update”. Including original box and manual. 6 selectable digital inputs. Newprice (Europe): 11.000 euro […]


€ 2450

Mark Levinson 390S -CD player & DAC & preamp-

Mark Levinson 390S, an unique combination of cd-player, preamp and DAC. This is an original 390S, therefore not upgraded from another model. Very musical and manufactured to very high standards. Both balanced and single-ended outputs. Digital RCA and Toslink inputs. Digital XLR and Toslink outputs. Including original manual, packaging, transport […]


€ 990


€ 1250

Nagra BPS -phono MM/MC-

An excellent battery powered tube phono MM/MC preamp from the Swiss Nagra highend specialists. This amp combines the virtues of tube amps, such as a beautiful handling of the human voice with the reliability of a transistor amp. Including original box and impedance modules. Now available for 1.250 euro.


€ 1950


€ 2500


€ 7900

Audionet MAX -SOLD-

-Audionet Specials- We have several Audionet components available that were sourced from an Audionet dealer and only have been used for demo’s. These units are being offered at very competitive prices. All units come boxed and with a 1 year guarantee. Reference mono power amplifiers from Audionet. These amps have […]