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€ 450

Marsh MSD-P2000

Preamp from USA based Marsh with an excellent price/quality ratio. Seven single ended inputs and two single-ended outputs. It has remote volume & balance control and source selection. Including original remote. Newprice (Europe) 2.050 (pricelist available), now for 450 euro.


€ 4500

Burmester 956 MK2

The 956 MK2 is built in a traditional Burmester approach, very solid and providing a great sound quality. It is fully balanced and uses class A circuits to achieve great dynamics and excellent musical timing. Its sound is marked by impressive spatial resolution and warmth. 2 x 240W / 4ohm […]


€ 28900

Burmester 808 MK5 Anniversary

The Burmester 808 MK5 modulair preamplifier is already a very exotic “beast”, but this offering is even more special.. This is the Anniversary version of the 808 MK5, only 25 of these have manufactured. It has a 24K gold plating and comes fully loaded with modules. The power supply comes […]


€ 5750

Spectral DMA-260

The successor of the already excellent DMA-250 is again a beautiful power amplifier from Spectral which generates 2 x 225W / 8ohm and 2 x 595W / 2ohm, therefore very stable. Including original box and manual. Newprice: 15.750 euro (pricelist is available), now for 5.750 euro.


€ 2750

Hovland Sapphire

Very musical tube power amplifier from Hovland. This amplifier generates 40W per channel, sounds very powerful, dynamic and fluent. Bias adjustment can simply be done from the outside. The tubes that are installed now stil measure very good, nevertheless we provide together with this amp a brand new spare quad […]


€ 1290

Linn Urika

The Urika is the reference “onboard” phono MC preamp from Linn for the LP12. The Urika needs to be powered from an external power supply, such as the Radikal from Linn. Including original box and connection materials. Price: 1.290 euro.


€ 2500


€ 850


€ 650


€ 950

Naim NS01 music server

Music server from Naim. The NS01 is a streaming device and cd player. Furthermore it has a benchmark rip facility onboard. It can be connected by ethernet or USB to an external NAS or harddisk. It is very well built. The NS01 can only be operated by using the Naim […]