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€ 27900


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€ 8750

Linn Klimax LP12

Legendary LP12 turntable from Linn in the most recent and expensive Klimax version. This combination includes the LP12 with Keel, Ekos SE tonearm, Radikal power supply and internal Urika phono stage. It comes with a upgraded black plinth. The original cherry plinth is also included. Including boxes. Newprice for this […]


€ 990

Lindemann Musicbook 50 -new-

Excellent power amplifier from Lindemann that uses the newest UCD technology and combines pure power with tube-like mids. The amp almost does not heat up because the very efficient way of amplifying. 2 x 100W, with XLR en RCA inputs. This Musicbook 50 is new and only unpacked to make […]


€ 1850


€ 2200

Lindemann Musicbook 15 DSD -new-

The Musicbook 15 DSD from German Lindemann is a combination of a DSD USB DAC, cd player and analog preamp. It can handle both the high-resolution music playback of high-res data and CD playback on the highest level of sound quality. The Musicbook 15 DSD has received many raving reviews […]


€ 4450

Transrotor Orfeo Doppio -TMD bearing & SME 5009-

Beautiful reference turntable from German manufacturer Transrotor. This analog combination consists of the of the Transrotor Orfeo Doppio with the 80mm platter, TMD magnetic bearing, Konstant power supply and the Transrotor/SME 5009 tonearm. The Transrotor/SME 5009 tonearm is specially made for Transrotor by SME. It combines elements of the SME […]


€ 1650

Meridian Sooloos Control 15

This audiophile streaming solution embodies all three of the functions that define a Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System – storage, playback and control – in a single unit. Simply add Meridian DSP loudspeakers to create a complete system. The Control 15 stores the equivalent of up to about 1000 CD […]


€ 850

Meridian Media Core 200 -demo unit-

The Meridian Media Core 200 is a compact and elegant streaming solution that requires only your choice of controller to bring it to life. This compact system can store your cd’s at full lossless quality, and enables you to seamlessly integrate your collection. The controller in question can be a […]


€ 2750

Marantz SC-7S1

The SC-7S1 is considered one of the best preamps ever manufactured by Marantz. This preamp combines the virtues of tube amps, such as a beautiful handling of the human voice, with the speed and bass control of solid state preamps. The SC-7S1 has both single-ended and balanced in- and outputs. […]