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€ 200

Arcam airDAC

The Arcam airDAC is a 24/96Khz converter that allows you to network any audio system to an Apple Airplay® enabled music source. Furthermore it also features a secondary digital audio input. The latest Arcam iPhone/iPad app – Control – is a UPnP music player that can be used with your […]


€ 1350


€ 300

MIT Z-Stabilizer -SOLD-

Effective power conditioner from MIT which is designed to work in parallel with your system, removes noise and audio frequency distortion from the power line. It will not impact the dynamic qualities of your system. This is an original 230V model. Back then MIT only manufactured units with USA sockets, […]


€ 990

PS Audio Power Plant Premier -SOLD-

The Power Plant Premier or PPP delivers an ample 1500 watts of regenerated AC power. It puts out that amount of cleaned-up and regulated power with 85% thermal efficiency. The PPP drives cool and is gentle for the environment too. The PPP sports five so-called IsoZones. IsoZones prevent contamination between […]


€ 575


€ 600


€ 500

Exposure 2010 S2 -power amplifier-

Excellent power amplifier from UK based Exposure. The 2010 models have been very successful for many years. Very musical and involving. 2 x 75W / 8ohm. Including original box, manual and metal remote. Newprice: 999 euro (pricelist is available), now for 500 euro. With the 2010 S2 integrated amplifier that […]


€ 1250


€ 1390

Sphinx Project 18

The Project 18 is an excellent power amplifier from Sphinx, one of the products that have contributed to the highend reputation of Sphinx. Manufactured in The Netherlands. The Project 18 is a dual-mono design with both RCA and XLR inputs. This version has the optical power on option when used […]


€ 7500

Mark Levinson 33H

Former Reference mono power amplifiers from Mark Levinson. This pair has been supplied by the official German distributor. The power cables have been fitted with high quality Furutech Schuko plugs. Very stable up to 1ohm loads, where it generates 1200W per channel. Newprice (Europe): 32.000 euro, now available for 7.500 […]