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€ 2750

Classe CP-800

The CP-800 is the best and most versatile preamp ever build by Classe. The CP-800 is a combination of a very flexible extraordinary good preamp, which is fully balanced. Besides that it is also an excellent DAC that is able to process data up to 24/192Khz. It comes with the […]


€ 2900

Classe CA-2300

Great sounding power amplifier from Classe. It received excellent reviews worldwide and it has been praised for its neutral sound, phenomenal tonal accuracy and 3-dimensionality. The CA-2300 is very stable and able to drive difficult loudspeaker loads. 2 x 300W / 8ohm, 2 x 600W /4ohm. It has balanced and […]


€ 1990

Mark Levinson 332 -SOLD-

Weighing over 140 pounds (60kg) and built to the highest design and engineering standards in high end audio, this Levinson 332 is outstanding in its tonal neutrality, transparency, and bass control. Dual mono, this is a perfect amp to drive difficult speaker loads. XLR and RCA inputs, 2 x 200W […]


€ 4750

Audio Research Reference 75SE -SOLD-

The Reference 75SE vacuum tube stereo power amplifier is one of the most successful of the recent Reference series. Rated at 75 watts per channel into a wide range of speaker loads, the Reference 75SE encompasses a “dual mono” circuit layout reaching back to the massive single power transformer. Two […]


€ 2450

Moon 650D -SOLD-

Highend DAC & CD transport from Moon with a built-in full-spec DAC. This player has received worldwide positive reviews. It has true 32-bit fully asynchronous digital audio playback achieved by the 650D using a fully balanced differential dual-mono design. Built around the ESS SABRE32 Ultra DAC operating in 32-bit Hyperstream™, […]


€ 4500


€ 9500

Jadis JA100 Anniversary

This is a very special and very rare version of the Jadis JA-100 amplifier. This “Anniversary” version of the JA-100 has been built with even better audiophile components, enabling it to perform at an even higher level compared to the “standard” JA-100. According to our information only one JA-100 Anniversary […]


€ 2950

EMT 948 -SOLD-

Probably one of the most sold and best sounding turntables used by professional studio’s. The EMT 948 is very sought after by audiophile insiders and is becoming a rare find nowadays. This specific table has the factory installed EMT 929 tonearm. Furthermore it has almost all available modules installed, including […]


€ 4500

DCS Puccini -with premium remote-

Reference (SA)CD player from DCS. The Puccini is truly versatile, being a (SA)CD player, DAC and high quality preamp. Including the optional metal premium remote control from DCS, box and manual. This Puccini has the latest software version 1.41 installed. Newprice: 18.500 euro (pricelist is available), now for 4.500 euro.


€ 1250

Rega RP8

Audiophile turntable from Rega with the RB808 tonearm and the “skeleton” base. The RP8 comes with an external power supply. Beautiful finish and very easy to use, just place it on a stable surface and enjoy. The RP8 has received raving reviews worldwide. This turntable comes with the original boxes. […]