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€ 3250

Accuphase P-600

Beautiful “classic” stereo power amplifier from Accuphase. This beast is extremely stable with almost every loudspeaker load and has an excellent bass and midrange quality. 2 x 300W / 8ohm; 2 x 500W / 4ohm and 2 x 700W / 2ohm. The P-600 has the possibility to switch to mono […]


€ 5500

Spectral DMA-260

We have another DMA-260 available… The successor of the already excellent DMA-250 is again a beautiful power amplifier from Spectral which generates 2 x 225W / 8ohm and 2 x 595W / 2ohm, therefore very stable. This unit has been supplied by the official Dutch Spectral distributor. Newprice: 15.750 euro […]


€ 4750

Spectral DMC-30SS -SOLD-

The DMC-30SSis is one of the recent Spectral reference preamps. It is extraordinarily resolving and smooth sounding. 6 single-ended and 1 balanced inputs, both single ended and balanced outputs. Including the original metal remote and manual. Newprice (Europe): 15.900 euro (pricelist 2011 is available), now for 4.750 euro, including VAT. […]


€ 850


€ 1350

Densen B-440 XS -CD player & DAC-

Danish manufacturer Densen builds excellent audiophile components for music lovers. Their reliability, design and excellent sound performance make them unique. The B-440 XS is the reference model in their series of cd players with an integrated DAC that can be used for streaming. The B-440 XS uses even better components […]


€ 1990

Accuphase C-280 -SOLD-

Excellent “classic” pre-amp from Accuphase. The C-280 has an excellent phono MM/MC preamp onboard with two phono inputs. Both gain and impedance are selectable. Very well built with high-grade parts. It has both balanced and single-ended outputs. Including a copy of the manual. Price: 1.990 euro.


€ 1850

Audio Research DS-225 -SOLD-

The DS-225 stereo power amplifier is a model in the “Definition Series” from Audio Research. Designed entirely in-house by the Audio Research engineering staff and every amplifier is entirely hand-made from the ground up in their Minnesota facility where it is tested, burned-in, and evaluated in a reference system before […]


€ 1990

Audio Research LS-17SE -SOLD-

Excellent tube linestage preamplifier from Audio Research. This is the most recent Special Edition version. It has both single-ended and balanced in- and outputs. This LS-17 SE has been supplied by the former official Dutch distributor Audiac. It comes with the original box, remote and manual. Newprice (Europe): 5.990 euro […]


€ 990

Grimm CC1 Masterclock

Grimm Audio’s CC1 brings the incredible clock stability of a professional studio master clock to your home. The CC1 accepts Word Clock and distributes a super high quality Word Clock and AES/EBU sync to all equipment in your system. The CC1 offers base rates of 44.1kHz and 48kHz and 1/2/4 […]


€ 950

PS Audio Power Plant Premier -SOLD-

The Power Plant Premier or PPP delivers an ample 1500 watts of regenerated AC power. It puts out that amount of cleaned-up and regulated power with 85% thermal efficiency. The PPP drives cool and is gentle for the environment too. The PPP sports five so-called IsoZones. IsoZones prevent contamination between […]