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€ 18750


€ 1850

Metronome Technologie T-1i -SOLD-

Reference CD toploader from French Metronome Technologie with 24/192Khz DAC’s and a separate power supply. With a customized CDM12Pro transport from Philips that is also used by Mark Levinson and Krell in their Reference cd-players. Digital outputs: SP/DIF, AES/EBU and AT&T. Including original box and remote. Newprice: (Europe): 6.500 euro, […]


€ 1550


€ 4950

McIntosh MC-501 -SOLD-

Beautiful US-made mono power amplifiers from McIntosh that are able to drive loudspeakers with difficult loads. 2 x 500W with 8, 4 and 2 ohm. Including manual and original packaging material. Newprice: 14.000 euro (Europe), now available for 4.950 euro. Review Stereophile: …….I have never experienced as much pure musical […]


€ 3250

McIntosh MA-6900 -Phono MM-

Beautiful US-made integrated amplifier from McIntosh. The MA-6900 is able to drive loudspeakers with difficult loads. It delivers 2 x 200W and has a phono MM stage onboard. Including original inner box, manual and remote. This MA-6900 is supplied by the official German distributor. Price: 3.250 euro.


€ 4990

Accuphase E-470 -SOLD-

The successor of the already excellent E-460 is again a beautiful integrated amplifier from Accuphase which generates 2 x 180W / 8ohm and 2 x 260W / 4ohm. This amplifier has been supplied by the official German distributor PIA. Including original box, manual and remote. Price: 4.990 euro.


€ 2350


€ 1350


€ 1250

Clearaudio Champion Limited Edition

From the Clearaudio Champion Limited Edition turntable only 1000 units were manufactured. This is unit 497/1000. This turntable comes with the 9″ Unify tonearm, Sixstream interconnect and Aurum Beta S MM cartridge. This perfectly matched combination is ready to use. This unit has been supplied by the official Dutch distributor […]


€ 990

Mark Levinson 36 -SOLD-

An excellent converter from Mark Levnson. It sounds great with great focus and an excellent soundstage. This specific converter has been supplied by the official Dutch distributor. Including original boxes and manual. 6 selectable digital inputs. Price: 990 euro.