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€ 390


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€ 1650

Copulare 5-level audiorack

Highend audiorack from German manufacturer Copulare. They are known for producing one of the very best highend audio racks on the market. This rack has 5 levels and comes with spikes for each level. Including the big floor spikes and the smaller spikes for every level. Newprice: 6.300 euro, now […]


€ 3950

Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder 6m XLR

The Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder is one of the Reference cables from Audioquest. The solid perfect-surfaced Silver of this audiophile cable brings clarity and dynamic contrast and minimizes distortion. The red copper and cold welded plugs result in a cleaner, clearer sound and reduces distortion. Furthermore, this cable also comes […]


€ 700


€ 450

Ortofon Cadenza Mono

The Cadenza Mono is a cartridge with a modern, nude, fine-line stylus designed to track at 2.5g. Enjoy your cherished mono recording with this cartridge. The Cadenza Mono can be used in a range of tonearms. Newprice: 1.090 euro, now available for 450 euro. Specs: Output voltage at 1 kHz […]


€ 200

Kharma Reference RCA 1m

The Reference RCA interconnects from Kharma have a sound that is clear and revealing, with lots of air and a wide stereo image. Length: 1 meter. Price: 200 euro. The authenticity of these cables can be verified with Kharma. Watch out for fake Kharma cables that are for example being […]


€ 300


Omega III powercable from NBS, one of the leading suppliers of highend powercables. The Omega III is again a great cable designed by Walter Fields from NBS. In excellent condition, 6ft and factory terminated. Newprice: 1.500 euro, (pricelist is available), now for 300 euro.


€ 750


€ 500

Silent Wire NF33 AG -SOLD-

Reference interconnect cable from the German specialists of Silent Wire. This silver based cable has received many raving reviews worldwide. Factory Terminated with XLR connectors. Length: 1m, including original case. Newprice (Europe): 1.300 euro (pricelist available), now for 500 euro.