Mark Levinson 37 -CD transport- -SOLD-

Mark Levinson 37 CD Transport. The 37 is built like a tank and is rated Class A in Stereophile Recommended Components. Still one of the best sounding cd-only transports available. Please read the conclusion of the Stereophile review underneath.

This 37 has been supplied by the former official Dutch Mark Levinson distributor. Including orginal a copy of the manual and original metal remote (allthough black anodized). Digital outputs: RCA, XLR, Toslink and AT&T. Newprice (Europe): 6.400 euro (pricelist available), now for 1.350 euro.

Stereophile review:
“… I used the No.36S as the D/A in both cases. One of the transports was a little more open and airy, with more apparent depth and a little tighter bass. It was the No.37. Yes, the less expensive transport sounded better. To me. The No.31.5 had the more relaxed, easy sound, while the No.37 seemed more tightly wound. But real music also has an undertone of tension, a nervous energy that jumps off each note and propels you on to the next, and it was this quality that was better conveyed by the No.37…”



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