Jeff Rowland Aeris -USB DAC with preamp, demo unit-

The Aeris from Jeff Rowland is an extremely naturally sounding DAC that makes you forget about the number of bits, but simply let you enjoy your music. Many raving reviews can be found worldwide. It has an excellent volume control onboard that really is up there with the best preamps.

This Jeff Rowland has been supplied by the official Dutch distributor and has only been used by the dealer for demo purposes. It comes with the boxes, remote and manual. Newprice (Europe): 13.500 euro (pricelist available), now for 4.750 euro, including VAT.

Please note that the following terms and conditions apply for this offering:

  • For EU buyers these items come with a VAT invoice, the aforementioned price naturally includes 21% VAT.
  • For non-EU buyers the VAT tax amount included in the aforementioned price can be deducted if the items are physically exported outside the EU, please ask us for additional information.

Review “The Audio Beat” by Roy Gregory:

“…The resulting sound is highly competent and organized, but also exceptionally natural, expressive, engaging and simply downright enjoyable. The secret of the Aeris lies in its balance of virtues and the fact that those virtues are all in balance. There are no gaping holes in its musical fabric, each demand from the performers being met with equal grace and an unforced confidence that makes for rewarding long-term listening.

I spent considerable time running the Aeris directly into a pair of Rowland’s 725 mono blocks, with a range of speakers including theuber-critical KEF Blades. Throughout that time I didn’t play a single record, nor did I feel the need, which is perhaps the most telling fact of all. The Aeris has that happy knack of satisfying the listener — and in the world of hi-fi, where each new unit in your system so often seems to quickly become just a stepping stone to the next “essential” upgrade, such satisfaction is not to be underestimated. To deliver such a musically rewarding performance in such an affordable, attractive and versatile package is a remarkable achievement.

But what will stay with me long after the Aeris has gone is the way it allowed me to simply put format anxiety firmly to one side. It stopped CD from being vinyl’s poor relation; it finally delivered on the promise of downloadable music; it put the performers and their performance firmly in the forefront of digital replay. In bringing its innate inner balance to the numerical juggling act of delivering digital music, it also brought balance to my system as a whole, allowing me to play more music more of the time, and perhaps that should be prized above all else.”



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