ASR Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue Akku

The ASR Emitter II Exclusive Version Blue is probably the very best available integrated amplifier on the market right now. This amp has the most recent “gold colored” circuit boards installed. It has separate power supplies for both left and right channel and the pre-amp section is battery powered with a separate power supply. Exceptionally well built with a total weight of almost 140kg.

Including original remote, manual and power cables. The battery power supply has new batteries installed by us. Newprice: 16.450 euro. now available for 5.500 euro.

Stereophile review:

” … The four-box ASR Emitter II Exclusive proved to be among the most neutral-sounding pieces of audio gear I have ever heard. It bridged the gap between tubes and solid-state as has no other piece of electronics in my experience. It sounded neither tube-like nor transistory. The usual solid-state negatives at the extremes—dryness, etch, edge, overdamped bass, muted, uninvolving—simply didn’t apply to the Emitter II Exclusive. From solo violins and harpsichords to full orchestral climaxes, the amp produced the most natural and realistic sonic pictures I’ve yet heard in my listening room. In doing so, it took itself out of those pictures, and dragged the speakers out of the way along with it. Other listeners, experienced and novice alike, heard it do this too.

Aside from the high cost—though remember that it doesn’t need a preamp—the biggest problems presented by the Emitter II are those of space and complexity raised by having to find somewhere to put its four big boxes. Audiophiles with source racks on the side and power amplifiers between their speakers will have a hard time finding somewhere to put the Emitter II…”





Emitter II




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