Acustica Applicata Polifemo -variabele resonator, demo units- -SOLD-

The Polifemo from Italian acoustics specialists Acustica Applicata is the modern application of the principle of Helmholtz resonators making it possible to use this feature free of usual problems and have effective use of the resonator in an home environment. The Polifemo can be adapted to any acoustic environment issues or problems.

More info can be found on the Acustica Applicata website:

“In addition to the precise control and articulation of bass frequencies, the result is that Polifemo creates a clear enlargement of the space as a result of better resolution at the low frequencies, and an improvement of how the medium and high frequencies “float” on the low.

When the system is properly tuned, Polifemo is at it’s most striking in terms of dynamics, which is enhanced by realism, gaining in terms of micro-information.”

We have two Polifemo’s available, which have been supplied by the official Dutch Acustica Applicata distributor and have only been used by the dealer for demo purposes. Newprice: 5.850 euro each (pricelist is available), now for 2.350 euro each, including VAT.

Please note that the following terms and conditions apply for this offering:

•For EU buyers these items come with a VAT invoice, the aforementioned price naturally includes 21% VAT.
•For non-EU buyers the VAT tax amount included in the aforementioned price can be deducted if the items are physically exported outside the EU, please ask us for additional information.



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